AGL Over The Rainbow Foundation


We are no longer accepting applications for the graduating class of 2019. 

Thank you to the talented individuals who applied for a scholarship this year. We received so many wonderful applications but sadly we couldn't award them all. We are proud to announce four winners this year: Payton Swan, Benjamin Monahan-Morang, Alice Izyumoff, and Sarah Secrist. We congratulate you and wish you luck on the road ahead!

Scholarship application


AGL Over the Rainbow Scholarship

 Application Deadline: April 6, 2019

Amount: $1,000


Selection and notification will be made in May. 

Each applicant must submit the following:

1.) A video of introduction including your interests and plans for the future. Videos should be no longer than 3 minutes. 

2.) A resume of your musical, theatre, art, or chorus background. 

3.) Three letters of reference from teachers

4.) A copy of the acceptance letter from the college you will be attending in the fall. If timing makes this impossible, a listing of your applications with plans to attend.